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Stewards of the Gospel

The Stewards of the Gospel is a Diocesan project, preparing parishes for change and helping them develop new initiatives for evangelisation, as well as working across parish boundaries. Our Lady and All Saints has three Stewards, working together, and each representing one of our churches as well as the whole parish. They are Mary Sillett (St Basil’s), Tina Lilley (Holy Trinity) and Eileen Prizeman (St Therese). During late 2016 and early 2017 they worked on two documents. Many parishioners contributed ideas, views and suggestions, and the fruits of this were presented to the Parish Council by the Stewards at a meeting just before Easter 2017. The documents – which have now been submitted to the Diocese – are:

There will be a meeting in September for further discussion around a fresh set of questions sent out by the Diocese, and we encourage all parishioners to be part of this very important dialogue. You will also find more information on the Diocesan website.