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Baptising Your Child

Congratulations! If you are reading this it is probably because you have a new baby, or one on the way. You may also have an older child who has not yet been Baptised, and are wondering if they can be, and how to go about it. In this Parish we celebrate family life, and we celebrate young people with an active programme for children and young people. We will help you in every way that we can.

If your child is a new baby, or under seven years old, then please introduce yourself after Mass one Sunday. We’ll chat with you, and then there is a simple Baptism preparation course, held over two Tuesday evenings about six times a year: the details of the next course will usually be in the newsletter. The course is informal, but with very good content, to help you prepare for your child’s Baptism.

Sometimes people ask if it matters that the child is being brought up by one parent, alone. In such a situation, we want to be absolutely there for you. It is good if the absent parent can give their consent, but if this is not possible as there is no contact, then we will certainly baptise your child. Sometimes people ask if it matters that one of the parents is not Catholic – again, you are very welcome, and we would just ask that the non-Catholic parent supports the child being brought up as Catholic. Sometimes people are embarrassed because the child has arrived before they are married. Again, just know that you are welcome; we can also talk about your wedding, if you would like to, and would encourage you with this (do also see the section on Celebrating Marriage in the Parish).

For any of these circumstances, do chat them through with us and we will do all that we can to help you. Once you have completed the preparation course then the Baptism ceremony can happen during any of the weekend Masses, or together with up to two other families on a Saturday morning – times vary depending on which church you want to use for the celebration. The details about this are all given during the preparation course. If your child is aged 7 – 14 then all of the above applies, and it would also be right for you to look at the section on First Holy Communion & First Reconciliation, as your child should celebrate these Sacraments soon after being Baptised. If your child is aged 14+ then they would join the Confirmation programme, and be baptised, celebrate Reconciliation and receive Holy Communion during the time of preparation for Confirmation.

The decision about Baptism would be very much a conversation for us to have with them and you together,and we welcome a call about this at any time.