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Music in the Parish

We have a brilliant range of parish music; more people are always needed and welcome to be involved. The Masses are currently arranged like this:

Saturday 5.00pm and Sunday 9.00am and 12noon:

Saturday 5.00pm: alternate weeks, organ led music. On the other weeks, a quiet Mass with instrumental music on CD and unaccompanied hymns.

Sunday 9.00am: Organ led music; it would be ideal to have a few more people to give the singing a strong lead during the Mass. Just speak to Margaret, the organist, to be involved. And if you are an organist to grade seven or above, please let us know as we always need people to cover, etc.

Sunday 12.00noon: Music led by two choirs. On the first Sunday of every month our children’s choir leads the singing with well-known hymns. On the other Sundays our African choir leads us in a mixture of traditional and contemporary hymns from Britain, Nigeria and Ghana.

Sunday 10.30 has some variety:

Organ and Choir The choir always welcome new members; just speak to any of the choir members, or to the Organists (Anne-Marie or Angela) and they will help you to get involved.

Children’s Choir Formed by children from our Indian and Afro-Carribean communities lead us in well-known hymns.

Filipino Music Group once a month (usually second Sunday) with songs selected and played by the group, leading the whole congregation in joyful sound. If you are part of the Filipino community and would like to be involved, speak to any of the group members after a Mass where they are playing.

Sunday 6.00pm:

Quiet Mass

This Mass is a gentle one, with a couple of hymns and CD music. On the odd occasion we will be led by a visiting guitarist accompanying a choir made up of a few of our parishioners. If you would like to lead music at this Mass please speak to Fr Daniel.

Any other ideas? Do speak to one of the Parish Team if there are ideas that you have about music at the various Masses or if you have a talent to bring and are not sure where you would best fit in. Everyone is really welcome into the various groups.