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Local Areas - NET Teams

NET stands for network, and is also a reference to Jesus’ encounter with the disciples who have been up all night fishing and caught nothing. “Put your nets out into the deep” he says – and this is the inspiration for our NET teams, helping our parish to reach well beyond our three church buildings, and our schools, into many different parts of our community. In almost every road in the town you will find Catholic neighbours – the NET teams are a way of discovering each other, and then helping to bring the inspiration of our faith to all our neighbours.

The NET Teams are groups of parishioners who live near to one another, and organise social and spiritual events for their area. NET area events will be advertised in the newsletter; to find out more, or be part of a NET team please contact your local NET leader:

Area 1 — Southfields and Laindon West

Donna Sartain
Donna Sartain
Tel: 07854 243652

Area 2 — Great Berry and Langdon Hills

Eileen Prizeman
Eileen Prizeman*
Tel: 07718 530421

Area 3 — Lee Chapel North, Laindon East and Ghyllgrove

Mari Heywood
Mari Heywood*
Tel: 07719 009760

Area 4 — Lee Chapel South, Kingswood and Vange

Phyl McLaren
Phyl McLaren*
Tel: 07970 096319

Area 5 — Fryerns

Mary Sillett
Tel: c/o Parish Office

Area 6 — Town Centre, Pitsea West and Barstable

Eddie Bishop
Eddie Bishop
Tel: 07808 952071

Area 7 — Burnt Mills, Felmore, Chalvedon, Eversley and Pitsea East

John Bourke Sandra Bourke
John and Sandra Bourke
Tel: 01268 729865

*Eileen, Mari and Phyl are also Pastoral Assistants, commissioned by the Diocese of Brentwood. They undertake a wide variety of work within the parish and will readily help you if you need more information.