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Becoming a Catholic

Welcome! Whether you are reading this because you are just curious, or whether you have made a definite decision to become a Catholic, you are warmly welcome and we will do all that we can to support you. Throughout the year people approach us to ask about becoming Catholic; every person brings their own reasons, is on their own journey of life and faith. We meet people - we hope – with acceptance and care, and are ready to journey with you into the next chapter.

It may be that you have a very strong understanding about what it means to be a Catholic – perhaps you have been married to a Catholic for many years. It may be that you know almost nothing about being Catholic but have heard or read something and it has sparked an interest. However you arrive, you are welcome.

The “Journey in Faith” programme is a very open programme; it does not presume a timescale. Sessions are run from autumn through until after Easter each year; some people come to everything for a year and are then received into the Church, others come for two or even three years before they feel ready. There is no pressure or expectation for someone to become a Catholic; it is as it says – a journey.

Sometimes people come from other faiths, or other Christian denominations, sometimes from no faith background. Again, all are welcome. In as far as there is a formal “ending” to the programme, it happens at the Easter Vigil with a joyful celebration of Baptism (for those not already Baptised into other Christian denominations) and Confirmation (for all). Very often someone who has been a candidate one year becomes a sponsor in future years, walking with someone new into the Journey of Faith, and encouraging them.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time with Sr Anne who will help you with any questions that you have, and in joining the programme.