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Shaping parish decisions – the Parish Council

The Parish Council exists to help the parish to be run for the good of all. The Parish council will discuss the matters that you raise, and feed the results of those discussions back to you. As the aims state, “the best decisions are collegiate” – that means, decisions taken with the involvement and consensus of as wide a group as possible.

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Please offer feedback and comment about every area of parish life to any of the Parish Council members, who will be eager to hear it. Hopefully there is more than one name that you recognise on the list!

Parish Council Chair Mary-Catherine Bottjer
Vice-Chair Deidre South
Chair of Finance Committee Nicky Lyon
Finance Committee Patrick Gomes
Finance Committee Anne Marie Stokkereit
Mass Rep Mari Heywood
Mass Rep Mary Sillett
Mass Rep James Obrenyah
Assistant Priests Fr Saji Thomas
Ursuline Community Sr Anne Spilberg
Parish Priest Fr Sabu Pariyadan

Please do get in touch with ideas / comments / suggestions … and the odd word of affirmation for things that you are happy about!

Yours with prayers
Mary-Catherine & Fr Sabu